A Writer’s Book of Days — Day 16

As with everything in my life, I’m late to starting this. But I found a book today called A Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves that offers not only insight and guidance, but prompts for each day of the year. I want to take on the challenge of writing something for each prompt every day, and while I can’t promise how interesting or exciting the pieces will be, or even if they’ll make a lick of sense, I hope that they’ll provide me with more incentive to keep up with a daily writing goal.

So, rather than starting from the beginning, let’s just jump right in to today’s prompt for January 16:

Prompt: The place where wings unfurl (250 words)


It starts between the shoulder and moves out through the arms and over the hands and across the back. It starts off slow, languid. It takes its time. It does not hurry or make haste. It’s in no rush.

When they spread wide, spanning the length of a fireplace bannister, it’s glorious and wondrous. Something magical. Something precious and private and not of this world. Something not to be shared.

Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s stiff. Sometimes it doesn’t want to leave. Sometimes it thinks it’s better to stay. It doesn’t want to show itself to whoever might be there to see.

Don’t let it win. Show it, make sure it gets seen, but make sure it’s done with care, with a delicate gentleness that one uses when handling something fragile. THIS SIDE UP. Keep it upright. Don’t drop it. Don’t let it fall.

It may not be perfect. There may be stains. There may be smudges. There may be pieces that are bent or broken or worn or torn. These are not reasons to stay hidden. Don’t let them be a factor. Show off those stains and smudges. Shine a light on the broken pieces. Zoom in on the faded, off-white color. Don’t shy away from the imperfections. Put them under a magnifying glass and let everyone see what makes them yours. What makes them special.

It’s time to fly. It’s time to come out of hiding. It’s time to see the world. Unfurl your wings and soar.


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