A Writer’s Book of Days — Day 19

Prompt: She was a redheaded woman (246 words)

Her hair was as red as the blood that sang in her veins. It was as red as the heart thump thump thumping out a rapid, staccato rhythm against her ribcage, so forceful it was almost painful. It frizzed and teased out like the 80s glam rockers of yesteryear. She was a force Mother Nature herself couldn’t stop.

Her presence shrank Cali’s down to the size of a pinprick.

It was hard not to feel insignificant when you shared the room with someone of such stature and charisma, but Cali was not one to back down so easily.

Placing her empty glass on the table, she stood on newborn deer legs and made her way over to where the woman leaning against the jukebox, chatting with two other guys.

It took a minute for them to notice her through the smoky gloom, but when they did, one of the men leaned his chin on the hands folded over the point of his pool cue. “Can we help you, li’l missy?”

Cali spared him a glance but no response. She faced the woman, said, “Hi,” then shut her mouth.

A beat. “Hi,” the woman parroted.

Trying to ignore the men’s snickering, Cali started again. “Sorry, I just, wanted to tell you that I thought…your singing was really good, and…yeah.”

“‘And yeah,’ huh? That’s quite an endorsement,” the woman said, but her smile was sincere, and it made Cali feel a little firmer on her feet.

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