NaNoWriMo End

My total word count for my first NaNo was 7,362. I know, I didn’t even crack the double digits. I’m disappointed too.

Now I could blame not making up those 43k words on the amazing new job I got, which, while I love it, has really cut down on my personal writing time. I could blame it on the holidays and how I was too busy with family to focus on my story.

But instead, I’m just going to live and let live. While I wish I could’ve written more, I did write 7,362 words that I didn’t have before November 1, and since I was cheating and working on a short story collection instead of a full novel, I have three more stories that I’ve written that hadn’t even been a thought in my head a month ago. I’m going to hold on to and be proud of that.

Now it’s time to turn this into a strict daily schedule. I’ll start right now.


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